Just 10 more ml..

My wonderful friend has a blog about being a first time mum to a little premature cutie pie called Malakai. I adore them both very much and would absolutely recommend their blog to anybody else in the same position. Check them out!


Malakai came in to this world at 12:57pm on a bright Wednesday afternoon. By 5pm although I hadn’t delivered him naturally I was shocked by the intensity of a Caesarian and how much it takes out of you physically. All I wanted to do was see my baby, I had only seen him in a photo that my partner took when he was born and then I got a glimpse of him when he left theatre in an incubator 2 mins later.. The nurse informed me that I wasn’t able to see him until I could feel my legs again from the spinal as I needed to be able to get in and out of the wheelchair by myself. Of course I lied and said I could feel my legs, truth be told I could barely wiggle my toes!..but, as soon as I could, I made sure she saw, thinking…

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