Twitter Blasting & The Hate Train

Katie HopkinsKatie Hopkins is well known for her sharp tongue and blunt opinions, she’s had her fair share of the lime light- whether its via her business success or her controversial television appearances.

With her appearances on ITV day time telly, This Morning, the public have a very much love/hate relationship with the former The Apprentice contestant. Whether she’s judging children’s names, attacking larger women or slagging off the tattooed, she certainly gets people talking and she’s done it again.

Taking to her Twitter page this time, Hopkins has viciously slammed current I’m A Celebrity contestant and former The Only Way is Essex star, Gemma Collins. Take a look at the following tweets.

“Trying to work out what Gemma is good at. I think I’ve cracked it. Nom Nom Nom Nom.

“Gemma’s legs are big enough to support a grown man. Or an oil rig

“Gemma has found a way of deep frying porridge. Good skills from Big Bird. She’s got the Fat Factor

“Gemma has cankles wedged into walking boots. A sweat line is seeping out below her gunt. Gemma works glamour like no other

Hopkins’ unnecessary attacking of the TOWIE star is completely unjustified and hurtful. Since when did it become acceptable to throw a barrage of abuse at somebody who can’t even defend themselves and will not be aware of it until they’ve left the Celeb jungle?

What’s so disturbing about these hateful comments are how easily accepted they are by the general public. For a society that is so proudly against bullying in schools, why aren’t we playing by the same rules for adults? If these comments were being thrown around at children, would we react differently?

Also, what continues to infuriate me is the use of weight as an insult. I’m completely bored of people throwing around ‘fat’ and ‘thin’ as way of insults. The phrase ‘body shaming’ may be followed by eye rolls but that is exactly what this is. I’m sure Miss Collins is quite away of her own shape and may or may not be at peace with it, so when Hopkins feels the need to encourage others to take on of it, it seems ridiculously pointless to me.

Could Hopkins be the Regina George of the telly wold? I’m so over mean girls, aren’t you? Women have a hard enough time being pitted against each other by men and society, without attacking each other also.

This would be a perfect time for Tina Fey to give us all a pep-talk, group hug?


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