Our New Home

Hello readers, welcome to our new home! With all the extra work I’ve been doing with my journalism, I’ve neglected you guys- I’m so sorry! So, I thought we should get back to this blogging business with real gusto and therefore a new home seemed like a good idea! So here we are, WordPress ready. You can still read all my other posts at ellyjonespagetoscreen.blogspot.co.uk but this is where you’ll find all my new bits. We’ve also got a brand new name! Now we’ll be known as Page To Screen Entertainment because having my name directly in the blog was narcissistic, who knew, right?

My next post will be all about the lovely Dawn O’Porter and what I thought about her coming-of-age book Paper Aeroplanes and it’s sequel, Goose so  keep a look out for that! In the mean time you can take a look at my Facebook page to keep up to date with all my latest film news over at Film and TV Now.

Thanks guys, happy reading!



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