Twitter Blasting & The Hate Train

Katie HopkinsKatie Hopkins is well known for her sharp tongue and blunt opinions, she’s had her fair share of the lime light- whether its via her business success or her controversial television appearances.

With her appearances on ITV day time telly, This Morning, the public have a very much love/hate relationship with the former The Apprentice contestant. Whether she’s judging children’s names, attacking larger women or slagging off the tattooed, she certainly gets people talking and she’s done it again.

Taking to her Twitter page this time, Hopkins has viciously slammed current I’m A Celebrity contestant and former The Only Way is Essex star, Gemma Collins. Take a look at the following tweets.

“Trying to work out what Gemma is good at. I think I’ve cracked it. Nom Nom Nom Nom.

“Gemma’s legs are big enough to support a grown man. Or an oil rig

“Gemma has found a way of deep frying porridge. Good skills from Big Bird. She’s got the Fat Factor

“Gemma has cankles wedged into walking boots. A sweat line is seeping out below her gunt. Gemma works glamour like no other

Hopkins’ unnecessary attacking of the TOWIE star is completely unjustified and hurtful. Since when did it become acceptable to throw a barrage of abuse at somebody who can’t even defend themselves and will not be aware of it until they’ve left the Celeb jungle?

What’s so disturbing about these hateful comments are how easily accepted they are by the general public. For a society that is so proudly against bullying in schools, why aren’t we playing by the same rules for adults? If these comments were being thrown around at children, would we react differently?

Also, what continues to infuriate me is the use of weight as an insult. I’m completely bored of people throwing around ‘fat’ and ‘thin’ as way of insults. The phrase ‘body shaming’ may be followed by eye rolls but that is exactly what this is. I’m sure Miss Collins is quite away of her own shape and may or may not be at peace with it, so when Hopkins feels the need to encourage others to take on of it, it seems ridiculously pointless to me.

Could Hopkins be the Regina George of the telly wold? I’m so over mean girls, aren’t you? Women have a hard enough time being pitted against each other by men and society, without attacking each other also.

This would be a perfect time for Tina Fey to give us all a pep-talk, group hug?


Dapper Laughs And The Dangers Of ‘Lad Culture’

Lad Culture

This week, apparent comedian Daniel O’Riley killed of his so-called ‘character’ Dapper Laughs, a Vine sensation that quickly gained 575,000 followers, who happily watched him parade the streets, claiming to have made many a lucky female, “proper moist” and releasing such singles as; ‘Take It To The Base’.

With sold-out stand up tours and an ITV2 show, Dapper Laughs: On The Pull, why would O’Riley decide to put to bed his famous, cheeky-chappy character? Could it have been his desire to work on something else, to stretch his comedic wings? Or could it be to do with the string of offensive, abusive and dangerous ways in which he degrades women throughout the entirety of his work? It would be the latter.

Yep, Dapper Laughs’ hopes at a second series on ITV2 were quickly dashed as a hoard of outraged individuals watched open mouthed as footage of Dapper at one of his stand-up shows saw him telling a female audience member that she was “gagging for a rape” as well as making his audience laugh by announcing; “Go down to the shops, get some rope, bit of duct tape, rape the bitch, well done, see you later”.


His trivialization of rape and violence towards women has enraged many and there’s no doubt his latest actions have caused a final nail in the coffin effect to Dapper’s career but what is more shocking perhaps, is the ‘lad culture’ in which this behavior has become the norm.

The infiltration of lad culture is something that’s been on the rise since the late 1990’s and has since creeped into normal society in the darkest of manners. All too often are we seeing University men with ‘to-do’ tick lists on a neon t-shirt with ‘Fuck A Fresher’ being on of their most important requirements for the night. Surely, this kind of competitive, ‘lad’ behavior is putting young men and women in danger of forgetting their common sense and moral compass in order to gain bragging rights?

Recent scandal surrounding the ‘lad culture’ of today’s youth is the shocking discovery that a group of Liverpool Medical Students were conducting a ‘rape play’ that completely downplays the horrific nature of rape, justifies violence against women and glorifies misogyny. It seem’s that this kind of dangerous mentality is becoming very real and very frightening. Much like the Dapper Laughs scandal, more often than not, rape and violence against woman are all too often the butt of sick jokes that dig deep into the psyche of vulnerable people. Hearing this hideous action being justified and accepted, is only solidifying the victim blaming society we live in.

It would be foolish to say that this ‘lad culture’ is the only cause for misogyny but it seems fairly clear that this pseudo masculine sense of humor that is being drilled into young men is far more damaging than once perceived.

One can’t help but fear that while we’re making huge strides in feminist rights, we’re forgetting to teach the very basics of gender equality and that is to stop abusing women and making it so easily available to do so. When men like Dapper Laughs are given a television show to glorify rape and when convicted rapists are thrown back into a public life of fame and football, we are telling young men and women that rape and the abuse of women is a natural occurrence. How can this be right?

Another frightening example of male, ‘lad’ perspective becoming hideously misogynist is Swiss-Born so-called ‘pick up artist’, Julien Blanc. Blanc has found his way into the headlines by holding despicable seminars on picking up women, which frequently feature methods like; ignoring what they’re saying, treating women like targets to be met, playing women like they’re games, imitation, emotional abuse and general disgusting behavior to get women to sleep with him and his students. Here’s an example of one of his seminars.


This foul, possessive mentality over women is exactly what is wrong with lad culture in general. Luckily, many men and woman are fighting hard to keep Blanc out of the country so that he cannot spit his poison out at anymore pathetic followers. However, this doesn’t heal the women that have already been affected by his backwards way of thinking.

Both men and women need to take responsibility for their attitudes towards each other and understand the kind of catastrophic effect this type of mentality has on feminism. While there are still people with these attitudes, there will never be equality. Educate yourself, educate each other. Men and women together.

Dawn O’Porter’s Paper Aeroplanes & Goose: Two Coming-Of-Age Triumph’s

dawnoporter-690x248With her television career, presenting gig’s, vintage clothes design and young-adult novels, Dawn O’Porter is a lady with real talent and bags on potential. Her recent success includes her coming-of-age novels Paper Aeroplanes, published in 2013 and it’s sequel, Goose, published in April of this year. Her ability to weave charming stories that flow with ease and enjoyment seems natural to O’Porter and the effort put in certainly oozes from each paragraph and page.

Paper Aeroplanes introduces readers to school girls Flo and  Renée, two impossibly different girls with intensely similar emotions. After the early death of her beloved mother, Renée lives with her Nana and Pop on the island of Guernsey. Her Nana is quiet, her Pop is immensely abrasive and her sister, Nell, is fighting her own grief and a rapidly increasing eating disorder. Renée is a ballsy kid, loud and proud with a tenancy to run her mouth but beneath all that is a sensitive and fragile girl, who’s haunted by her longing for her mum.

Flo also lives on the small island with her cold mother, distant brother, Julian and younger sister, Abi. Her Father is the only one that seems to understand Flo’s quiet nature and he lives away from the family, a shell of his former self since his divorce from Flo’s mum. School should be a safe place for a girl like Flo but with a hideous best friend like Sally, she doesn’t get much peace. Sally spends all her energy making Flo feels smaller than she thought she could and manipulates her sweet nature.

Paper Aeroplanes’ narrative follows the story of how the girls become the closest of friends and rely on each other as they tackle the regular issues of adolescence. Hormones, periods, boys- you name  it, they cover it. However, what is so appealing about O’Porter’s story is the depth and seriousness of these girls issues and how they’re dealt with in a subtle yet honest way. Both girls suffer hideous grief in their lives and this issue is explored in a way that shows real bravery on O’Porter’s part. She allows the girls to be very frank about their feelings on death. Readers are privileged to get a glimpse of these young girls’ emotions.

O’Porter captures the true essence of being a kid at this age, the increasing, adult situations that creep into young peoples lives goes fairly unnoticed but O’Porter tackles them with honesty and understanding. She bravely tackles the issue of sexual-power and the misuse of that. Something that young people are being introduced to in a hideously casual way. O’Porter faces these issues head on with the novel and leads the girls to understanding their own power and learning their own worth.

Along side this, she also captures the fun and often cringe-worthy nature of being a young adult in the 90’s. Young readers will be amused at the comedic way in which O’Porter weaves her embarrassing and amusing anecdotes from the girls and older readers will find themselves covering their blushing face as memories of teenage parties and hopeful crushes comes flooding back.

Paper-Aeroplanes-and-GooseAs readers move on to the first book’s sequel, Goose, they quickly fall back into the girls deepened friendship as they stumble through their last year of their A-Levels. The situations the girls find themselves in are, albeit heightened and more intense, fairly similar to the first book. This could have felt slightly repetitive if O’Porter didn’t write with such wit and honesty. Her ballsy way of writing is refreshing and a particular favorite line has to be; “IT WAS MY VAGINA, NOT MY BUM”. Well done O’Porter, well done.

What is so fantastic about Goose though is the brilliantly varied and celebrated, different types of female characters. It really is a celebration of woman, both positive and negative. She opens readers up to a range of multi-dimensional range of female characters, something difficult to find in contemporary literature. The girls and their supporting, female characters are never categorized into heroes and villains. O’Porter allows them to be human and embrace the negative and positives sides of their personalities. For once, a young adult novel doesn’t focus on the male characters that come in and save the young, impressionable girls. They save themselves, or at least try. Too often are young readers disillusioned about how their lives should be playing out, according to the novels they read but O’Porter’s stories are genuinely true to life and she doesn’t shy away from all the very real issues these girls go through.

Generally, Paper Aeroplanes & Goose are two easily read, easily enjoyed novels that brilliantly capture the lives of two teenage girls. Readers of similar age will feel reassured about some of the more embarrassing moments adolescence and older readers will enjoy knowing they got through that time, with just as much grace as Flo and Renée-meaning very little.

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